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Marissa Goh
Marissa Goh
Had a great experience shooting with our cat at White Room Studio. Randy and his assistant were super patient with us and our cat, the process was fuss free and enjoyable! Thank you to the team at White Room Studio!
Manami Sruthi
Manami Sruthi
We took family photos here and our photographer (Justin) made it very comfortable for us. He guided us on posing without feeling awkward. It was an enjoyable experience!
Naomi Swathi
Naomi Swathi
Our photographer Justin was very helpful in guiding us in the poses and the photos came out really well. We had many good photos to choose from
Mei San Leong
Mei San Leong
Our family really enjoyed the photo session. Bright and super nice embrace to take family photos!
Zoljargal Ganbold
Zoljargal Ganbold
We did from maternity and newborn photoshoot and super happy with the result. Photographer is easy and gives great ideas on how to pose etc.
Suwaathy Chandramohan
Suwaathy Chandramohan
That was our first extended family photo session. Randy did a wonderful job of making us feel at ease. He was constantly making jokes; making us laugh so that photos turn out well. It was a good 3 hour session. Thank you Randy for being very accommodating.
Hannah Tan
Hannah Tan
My family had a wonderful time taking photos at the white room studio! Yan, our photographer was very friendly and engaging! She did her best to bring about the natural smiles out of us and capture the beautiful moments! Brandon, the assistant was also super accommodating in helping us recreate the bubbles effect, despite having the wind against him! Looking forward to the final copies! Thanks WRS
Shirleen Ng
Shirleen Ng
Randy, the resident pet photographer, exceeded our expectations with his exceptional skills and dedication. He spent 3hrs capturing moments with our dogs, showcasing a remarkable talent for understanding and connecting with animals. The resulting photos were nothing short of breathtaking. Randy's keen eye for composition and lighting brought out the best in both us and our dogs, creating images that we will cherish for a lifetime. His ability to capture the essence of the bond between pets and their owners is truly commendable. We wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking not just photographs but timeless memories.
Jane Saper
Jane Saper
I recently had the pleasure of working with Randy, a photographer whose exceptional talent and passion for pet photography left an indelible mark on my experience. Randy undertook the delightful challenge of capturing the essence of our three beloved dogs- one large golden and two terriers, and his work exceeded all expectations. First and foremost, Randy's portfolio speaks volumes about his proficiency and dedication to his craft. Each photograph is a masterpiece, showcasing not only technical prowess but also a keen eye for detail. His ability to capture the distinct personalities of my three dogs was nothing short of remarkable. It's evident that Randy possesses an innate talent for connecting with animals and understanding their unique expressions. The sophistication in Randy's work is a testament to his commitment to delivering nothing but the best. From the composition of each shot to the masterful play of light and shadow, Randy's attention to detail is unparalleled. His choice of backgrounds and settings complemented my dogs' features, creating a harmonious visual narrative that tells a story of joy, love, and companionship. What sets Randy apart is not only his technical skill but also his ability to infuse heartwarming emotion into every photograph. The images he captured go beyond mere pictures; they are windows into the souls of my dogs. The genuine warmth and love radiating from each frame are a testament to Randy's innate ability to create an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. During the photoshoot, Randy demonstrated a remarkable blend of professionalism and passion. His patience and calm demeanor immediately put my dogs at ease, allowing their personalities to shine through. Randy's ability to capture candid moments, those unscripted instances of playfulness and affection, added an authentic touch to the entire collection. The true measure of Randy's success lies in the overwhelming compliments his work has garnered. Friends, family, and even acquaintances have been captivated by the photographs, each expressing admiration for the skill and artistry evident in Randy's pet photography. His ability to evoke emotion and create a lasting impact is a testament to the universal appeal of his work. Moreover, Randy's post-production skills are commendable. The careful editing and enhancement of each photograph showcase a dedication to delivering a final product that exceeds expectations. The subtle touch-ups and adjustments only serve to enhance the already stunning visuals, creating a collection that I am proud to showcase and share. In conclusion, working with Randy for my three dogs' pet photography was an absolute delight. His sophisticated approach to capturing the unique personalities, heartwarming emotions, and the subsequent positive reception of his work have solidified Randy as an exceptional photographer in the realm of pet photography. I wholeheartedly recommend Randy to anyone seeking not just photographs, but timeless works of art that celebrate the joy and love our pets bring into our lives.
Jane Lee
Jane Lee
As we have 4 kids and the photographer is very patient with them.. will definitely intro white room studio to our family and friends
"Superb Customer Service, Responsive and Accommodating!"

Yenswan Teh, Facebook

We had a superb K2 graduation and family photoshoot with White Room Studio! The pre-shoot consultation on outfits selection is very helpful and the customer service is very responsive and accommodating to my request. A big shoutout to our photographer, Randy, who helped to warm up our children during the photoshoot. My children show the biggest smiles ever and the photos turned out to be really amazing!

Family and Kids
"Wonderful Experience, Comfortable and Enjoyable Family & Graduation Photoshoot!"

Deng Jie, Facebook

I had my family and graduation photoshoot at White Room Studio. It was a fantastic experience for both my family and I. Our White Room photographer was able to guide my grandparents to pose while making them laugh for the photos. The service provided by White Room Studio is a seamless and comfortable one, I would definitely recommend this experience to my friends and family! (-:

"The Photographers Always Make Us Feel At Home!"

Stephanie Wong, Instagram

We have tried one other studio apart from White Room Studio.. but White Room always draws us back. It feels like White Room Studio has been part of seeing us set up our family bit by bit. The professional and friendly photographers, not to mention the gorgeous studio settings draw us back. It’s not easy to find a place that is good with both furry and human children!

We always have fun, that’s the most important part. And the team always have a way to make us feel at home, especially when we are not used to posing for photos.

Family, Pet and Maternity
"Brilliant family photography, stunning, beautiful light-filled studio!"

Mark & Yui Redford, Google

White Room Studio is known for its quality family photography and the studio is beautiful and well-located…a stunning, light-filled space with some gorgeous backdrops. We liked that we were able to combine a cake smash photoshoot with a family portrait session as it meant the grandparents could also be involved. The cake smash was definitely the highlight of the shoot. 🎂 Seeing that little face smeared with frosting, and watching as Sora tasted the cake and explored its textures was super cute!

A brilliant choice to capture this special milestone!

Cake Smash
"Such A Relaxing and Comfortable Photoshoot Experience!"

Siti Mariam, Facebook

Our photographer, Jia Meng, gave us such a relaxing & comfortable experience in our first ever family studio photoshoot that we were so looking forward to. With him as our photographer, it makes it so easy for us! 🥳🥳 This photoshoot is so important for me as it is a gift for my only daughter who graduated from university. It was also a very happy moment for her 2 younger brothers to celebrate this milestone 🥰 together with her.
To White Room Studio, to many more families to enjoy! 😊 Thank You!
"We'll Definitely Cherish These Photos For A Lifetime!"

Paige Walker, Facebook

We had a family photoshoot with our photographer, Yan, at White Room Studio so that we could finally capture some family photos with the whole family together. Our toddler is nearly 3 and notoriously squirmy – she never sits still! Yan was immediately able to get our daughter comfortable with the camera, and before we knew it we all got in on the fun. Yan captured some of our most fun moments – all three of us smiling, laughing, and having quality time together. We will definitely cherish these photos for a lifetime!

Family and Kids
"Unique Studio Concepts & Seamless Photoshoot Process!"

Monica Lim, Google

To celebrate our baby turning 100 days old, we decided to get together for a family photoshoot at White Room Studio because of its modern interior and impeccable reputation. From the initial enquiry stage to the actual shoot and then photo viewing thereafter, the entire process was seamless and we are so pleased with the results.
Yan, our family photographer, was great at making the photoshoot session an enjoyable one even though we had a cranky baby and 3 outfits in total that day. Thank you for capturing these precious moments of our family for us!

Newborn & Baby 100 Days
"You Wouldn't Even Know The Cameras Are There!"

Yana Rosli, Google

Highly recommended photoshoot with your loved ones!

The photos were very beautiful and my boys and I had a lot of fun during the shoots. My boys (especially my husband haha) were initially really shy but our family photographer, Delun, was able to engage them and got them to warm up quickly. It is generally very difficult to take nice pictures as a family but Delun was able to take many good shots!

If you are not comfortable with cameras, don’t worry – you wouldn’t even know it’s there. Would definitely come back for a second session.

"Really Happy With the Outcome, Would Definitely Recommend White Room Studio To My Friends and Family!"

Joycelyn Heng, Google

We did our maternity photoshoot with White Room Studio. Loved the whole experience and process very much – from the photoshoot to choosing the photos! Yan was our photographer and Dan helped us with the package/ photo selection. Yan is really very professional, nice & bubbly – made not just us, but my 2-year-old son felt comfortable and enjoyed the shoot throughout.
Her energy and the way she plays with my eldest son is 100/100 (appreciate it a lot!). Really happy with the outcome of the photos as it really captures the moments, so we returned for our second family photoshoot during Chinese New Year!
We would definitely recommend White Room Studio to my family and friends!
Family and Kids
"Love All The Photos! We Had A Great & Wonderful Time!"

NurShakinah, Google

My family and I had a great and wonderful time with White Room Studio’s team. It was a relaxing session with both of them. My nephews enjoyed the session too and they even asked for another photo-taking session. I choose White Room Studio as I did not get to have my graduation here in Singapore. I’m glad I chanced upon them and I love all the photos taken by our family photographer! The studio was cozy and it had a nice ambience for all sorts of photoshoots. Thank you, White Room Studio!

"Exceeded expectations, highly recommend White Room Studio!

Leanne Chu, Google

Incredible to work with from start to finish, especially with Delun the photographer. He made the extra effort and has a keen eye for what looks good. I was stunned by how perfectly-timed the shots turned out. He’s assertive and showed a lot of patience and skill to create beautiful shots that will make you smile every time you look at them. White Room Studio is very professional and delivered a wonderful product on time.
"Quality Pictures For A Lifetime & Professional Family Photographers!"

Grace Chua, Google

I think the most memorable moment during the family photoshoot is how we were made to feel at ease by Randy, our professional family photographer. He helped us to capture our favourite family moments for safekeeping! During the viewing session, the team was very helpful in giving input and recommendations and we are very pleased with the service and quality of the work provided.

Thank you White Room Studio! We would highly recommend White Room to all our friends and family!

"Nothing Less Than The Best - Memorable And Meaningful Experience!"

Au Ruinato, Google

While looking at reviews of photo studios, I chanced upon White Room Studio, and lo and behold your reviews are stellar! I want nothing less than the best for my anniversary photos. We had a very memorable and meaningful experience not only because of the ambience that White Room Studio exudes, but more from the people who worked with us. Their welcoming warmth made us feel comfortable and at ease. Shout out to our photographer, Delun, and their make-up artist. My husband and I are very happy and glad that you have been part of this milestone. More power to all of you!

Couple Anniversary & Family
"Our 4th Time Here - Photographer is Attentive and Very Patient with Kids!"

Christophe Hoche, Google

This is the 4th time we have had the chance to do a family photoshoot at White Room Studio. Our professional family photographer Delun was extremely attentive to detail and very patient with our little one. His pictures were gorgeous so we decided to turn them into a coffee table book, and we had a great time as a family. We look forward to coming back for another family photo session!

"Spontaneous, Fun, Decisive Experience! Very Unforgettable!"

Davina Lee, Google

Our family photography experience at White Room Studio was indeed fun and memorable! Our photographer was spontaneous, creative and decisive, so taking photos with her was a breeze. We really like the studio and the effects that were shown in the various photos. Elaine, the Creative Director, was also very helpful. She helped and directed us in choosing our photos. Thank you White Room Studio for making this whole experience unforgettable!

Family and Kids
"Lovely Experience with Amazing Family Photos!"

Domenica Agostino, Facebook

Absolutely in love with our photos! We did a maternity shoot originally, loved them so much we came back when our baby was 6 months. Our White Room Studio photographer made us feel so comfortable and had great suggestions on what sort of photos to take and how best to stand/pose. Really lovely experience with amazing photos. Maybe we’ll come back with baby 2!! 🙈

"Really Great Photography Studio Experience For Pets!"

Kelvin Khor, Facebook

The fun part of doing a family and pet photoshoot was getting the fur kids to be in the shoot together! It was not an easy task getting all of them to look at the camera at the same time, but our White Room Studio photographer had some tricks up her sleeves and managed to capture the pups’ attention. Overall, the shoot was really pleasant and fun for us!

"Enjoyable Experience, Highly Recommended To Families and Couples!"

Jorina Chai, Google

Our photographer, Delun was very patient and friendly when doing our couple and maternity photoshoot for Christmas. He has a good eye for detail and nice lighting, and we loved all the photos he took for us! We had an enjoyable experience and would highly recommend this to families and couples looking for a photoshoot in Singapore. Dan was also excellent in helping us select our photos for prints and canvases, and was very personable and nice to chat with. Thanks Delun and Dan for a lovely experience!

Couple & Maternity

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