Maternity Photography
& Pregnancy Photoshoots

White Room Studio is the perfect studio for exploring alternative maternity photography. Natural light is mostly used to capture warmth, a loving atmosphere, and beautiful maternity silhouettes. We endeavour to make your dream maternity photoshoot come true with timeless photographs and memories that showcase deep relationship bonds between expectant mother, father, baby, and child.

From intimate and tender semi-nude shoots, to heart-warming personal moments, rest assured that you and your baby-to-be are in good hands. Maximum privacy throughout the session helps ensure a relaxed and private maternity photoshoot with our award-winning photographers.


Maternity Photoshoot Singapore semi-nude intimate photoshoot husband holding and kissing pregnant wife wrapped in red cloths





From first receiving the news of conception to your baby’s awaited birth, it is an unforgettable 9 months for new parents – especially for expectant first-time mums. Pregnancy signifies the start of a woman’s journey into motherhood and what better way to remember this joyous period than with a maternity photoshoot and lovely photographs that you can show to your future son or daughter when they are older.

Realising that a little human being is growing inside your body is amazing and a time to be cherished. In a blink of an eye, your treasured baby bump will grow into a delightful child and pregnancy will be a distant memory. The opportunity to capture your maternity journey for a lifetime is not to be missed. Share the happiness and sensations you felt while pregnant with your child as you reminisce together on the beautiful photos taken here at White Room Studio.

Our cozy and private photography studio is designed to ensure you remain completely comfortable and relaxed throughout the photoshoot, especially during semi-nude shoots. You do not need to worry about posing as our award-winning photographers will guide you diligently and ensure expectant mum, baby bump and loved ones look wonderful in each photograph.

Bespoke maternity photography at White Room Studio is delivered by skilled and professional photographers who understand and cater to your needs. We seek to capture the motherly love, joy, confidence, and beauty that you radiate naturally as an expectant mother – making the photoshoot experience one that is uniquely yours.

At White Room Studio, we understand that becoming a parent is a significant life milestone and we are excited to celebrate it with you during your maternity photography session. We endeavour to make every photoshoot experience one that is personalised to showcase the unique bonds and natural personalities of you and your expanding family.

We are deeply passionate about capturing timeless photographs of a mother’s pregnancy journey – may they make great memories as you look back on the photo albums, framed portraits, and priceless keepsakes.