Multi generation photoshoot of large family dressed in white and smiling for candid photo

Family & Kids Photography Photoshoots

Tell your family stories through photographs! Having photographed over 7000 families over 11 years, our award-winning photographers’ vast experience embraces those moments of spontaneity that make a family, well, a family!

Everyone love that split second of shared joy in family pictures! We specialize in an informal, documentary-style that delivers beautiful photographs. We are dynamic and fun, and totally adept at interacting with infants, toddlers and children, as well as elders and grandparents.

We care about you! Feel safe and protected in our clean and sanitized photo studio during your photoshoots. White Room Studio is the first portrait studio in Singapore to be SG Clean certified.

See why it’s important to have family photographs taken by a professional photographer during different times of a family’s growth. Learn how to prepare for your next photoshoot and read about our most recent and colourful blog on CNY!


Family kids photography of 2 young children outdoors between tree branches




Professional Family Photographs for Time Immemorial

A family takes on a different shape from the moment a couple chooses to have children. Taking the time to take family photos is one way of appreciating and remembering the changing family dynamics. Family portraiture is not just popular, but it is also significant since it is a documentation of growth. We’ll happily ensure you have awesome images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Life is a cycle, and a special bond will always exist between a child and grandparent. Taking the time to document the visible affection between your children and their grandparents will help you keep their memory alive. Our photographers notice the little things, such as the twinkle in the eye of a grandparent watching his grandchild, or the fascination in the face of a child listening to his grandparents, and we make sure we capture every moment.

Whether you have a newborn, toddlers, teens or adult children, the shots vary in appearance and depth. Our family photographers observe the tone, mood, and action radiating from the members of the family when determining the poses. We understand that the shots are important for the entire family for a long time to come, and so we make sure the moment and images count!