Children & Kids Photography

We are all about capturing the beautiful and natural brilliance of every child! Our photographers approach each child with great care, seeing the world through their eyes. To achieve pictures of your kids that are full of wonder and life, we get down to their level, find out what they like, and play with their imaginations!

Parents always ask us our secret to great children portraiture. The answer?

We simply let kids be kids!

See why it’s important to have your child’s photographs taken by a professional photographer. Learn how to prepare for your next photoshoot too!


Family kids photography of 2 young children outdoors between tree branches



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    Watch Them Grow with Children Photographs

    Far too often we hear parents saying, “It seems as though it was only yesterday when they were still kids”. Your child is not going to be a child forever. Hence, it is important to capture the early moments of your children with photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Children portraiture helps to document our children’s growth, giving us tangible memories to reminisce, celebrate and reflect.

    Whether your child is a newborn, toddler, teen or adult, we ensure that the photos taken manifest emotions which words cannot. Our photographers bring finesse to every children photoshoot, honing a photographic eye to capture heart-warming moments of your children.

    At White Room Studio, we understand that childhood is a significant part of your children’s lives and so, are passionate in preserving wonderful memories of your child’s early days.