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Since 2009, White Room Studio has grown into a renowned photography studio in Singapore. As a boutique family-run team, family values are at the heart of what we do!

Heart and soul are invested into creating a welcoming yet unique natural light shophouse-studio environment, curating a thoughtfully-designed experience of portraiture when you visit White Room Studio.

White Room Studio is featured on various media and publications such as Tatler Singapore, MediaCorp's Channel 8, SassyMama Singapore, Singapore's Finest, Expat Living Singapore, ICON Singapore, Harper's Bazaar Singapore, Citigold, Little Steps Asia, The Peak Singapore, Money Smart and HoneyKids Asia

Our 2400 square foot studio nestled in the historic enclave of River Valley is the ideal place to explore all sorts of creative angles that make great lifelong family keepsakes.

Nature and history is infused into every inch of White Room Studio – we have an open balcony bathed in all-day natural light, a classical walkway with an arch, an European-inspired hall with tall windows. A Peranakan wall, adorned with textured richness and vibrant tiles, adds a touch of cultural splendor.

With each corner thoughtfully designed for maximum artistry, our photographers bring your vision to life. Explore our gallery below and witness the magic of White Room Studio for yourself!



From family and kids, graduation, first year birthday cake smash, newborn, pet, couple, pre-wedding to corporate, we photograph all that is important in life to you.

We approach each photoshoot with creative care, embracing the individuality of each and every person who steps into White Room Studio. 

Having photographed more than 10,000 families, we understand just what you seek in your photos. Natural smiles, real fun & laughter, candid moments frozen in time — all for you to relive and cherish over and over again.


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Did you know that for every shoot booked with White Room Studio, 3 trees are planted through One Tree Planted? Let’s start creating a better world now!


    What Our Clients Say

    Based on 1183 reviews.
    Marissa Goh
    Marissa Goh
    Had a great experience shooting with our cat at White Room Studio. Randy and his assistant were super patient with us and our cat, the process was fuss free and enjoyable! Thank you to the team at White Room Studio!
    Manami Sruthi
    Manami Sruthi
    We took family photos here and our photographer (Justin) made it very comfortable for us. He guided us on posing without feeling awkward. It was an enjoyable experience!
    Naomi Swathi
    Naomi Swathi
    Our photographer Justin was very helpful in guiding us in the poses and the photos came out really well. We had many good photos to choose from
    Mei San Leong
    Mei San Leong
    Our family really enjoyed the photo session. Bright and super nice embrace to take family photos!
    Zoljargal Ganbold
    Zoljargal Ganbold
    We did from maternity and newborn photoshoot and super happy with the result. Photographer is easy and gives great ideas on how to pose etc.
    Suwaathy Chandramohan
    Suwaathy Chandramohan
    That was our first extended family photo session. Randy did a wonderful job of making us feel at ease. He was constantly making jokes; making us laugh so that photos turn out well. It was a good 3 hour session. Thank you Randy for being very accommodating.
    Hannah Tan
    Hannah Tan
    My family had a wonderful time taking photos at the white room studio! Yan, our photographer was very friendly and engaging! She did her best to bring about the natural smiles out of us and capture the beautiful moments! Brandon, the assistant was also super accommodating in helping us recreate the bubbles effect, despite having the wind against him! Looking forward to the final copies! Thanks WRS
    Shirleen Ng
    Shirleen Ng
    Randy, the resident pet photographer, exceeded our expectations with his exceptional skills and dedication. He spent 3hrs capturing moments with our dogs, showcasing a remarkable talent for understanding and connecting with animals. The resulting photos were nothing short of breathtaking. Randy's keen eye for composition and lighting brought out the best in both us and our dogs, creating images that we will cherish for a lifetime. His ability to capture the essence of the bond between pets and their owners is truly commendable. We wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking not just photographs but timeless memories.
    Jane Saper
    Jane Saper
    I recently had the pleasure of working with Randy, a photographer whose exceptional talent and passion for pet photography left an indelible mark on my experience. Randy undertook the delightful challenge of capturing the essence of our three beloved dogs- one large golden and two terriers, and his work exceeded all expectations. First and foremost, Randy's portfolio speaks volumes about his proficiency and dedication to his craft. Each photograph is a masterpiece, showcasing not only technical prowess but also a keen eye for detail. His ability to capture the distinct personalities of my three dogs was nothing short of remarkable. It's evident that Randy possesses an innate talent for connecting with animals and understanding their unique expressions. The sophistication in Randy's work is a testament to his commitment to delivering nothing but the best. From the composition of each shot to the masterful play of light and shadow, Randy's attention to detail is unparalleled. His choice of backgrounds and settings complemented my dogs' features, creating a harmonious visual narrative that tells a story of joy, love, and companionship. What sets Randy apart is not only his technical skill but also his ability to infuse heartwarming emotion into every photograph. The images he captured go beyond mere pictures; they are windows into the souls of my dogs. The genuine warmth and love radiating from each frame are a testament to Randy's innate ability to create an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. During the photoshoot, Randy demonstrated a remarkable blend of professionalism and passion. His patience and calm demeanor immediately put my dogs at ease, allowing their personalities to shine through. Randy's ability to capture candid moments, those unscripted instances of playfulness and affection, added an authentic touch to the entire collection. The true measure of Randy's success lies in the overwhelming compliments his work has garnered. Friends, family, and even acquaintances have been captivated by the photographs, each expressing admiration for the skill and artistry evident in Randy's pet photography. His ability to evoke emotion and create a lasting impact is a testament to the universal appeal of his work. Moreover, Randy's post-production skills are commendable. The careful editing and enhancement of each photograph showcase a dedication to delivering a final product that exceeds expectations. The subtle touch-ups and adjustments only serve to enhance the already stunning visuals, creating a collection that I am proud to showcase and share. In conclusion, working with Randy for my three dogs' pet photography was an absolute delight. His sophisticated approach to capturing the unique personalities, heartwarming emotions, and the subsequent positive reception of his work have solidified Randy as an exceptional photographer in the realm of pet photography. I wholeheartedly recommend Randy to anyone seeking not just photographs, but timeless works of art that celebrate the joy and love our pets bring into our lives.
    Jane Lee
    Jane Lee
    As we have 4 kids and the photographer is very patient with them.. will definitely intro white room studio to our family and friends
    White Room Studio is Tatler's Best Portrait Photographer 7th Year Running from 2017 to 2024

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    Every family has a unique story, and Irene’s is filled with love, joy, and the playful antics of their beloved cat and dog. This family of three radiates warmth and happiness, creating moments that are truly priceless. At White Room Studio, we celebrate these bonds and capture the essence of your family’s love.
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    There’s nothing quite like the bond of family, and it was an absolute joy to capture that magic with Priscilia and her beautiful family at White Room Studio. Every smile, hug, and laugh was a testament to the love they share. These are the moments that make life so special, hear what she said about her shoot:
“Your artistry has turned a moment into a treasured memory that we will cherish forever. Thank you White Room Studio.”
Thank you! Priscilia, for letting us be a part of your family’s story.
Book your session today and let us capture the special moments of your family!
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    Capturing the essence of professionalism with every shot. Meet Oliver, a dedicated professional whose confidence and charisma shine through in his headshot at White Room Studio. Perfectly poised and ready to make an impression!
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    Meet Rachel’s adorable trio of furry friends, basking in the sunlight streaming through White Room Studio’s stunning arched windows. Their playful spirits and wagging tails bring a touch of joy to our studio space!
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    Introducing Sandra and Lyn from Kerry Consulting’, featured in our professional headshot photoshoot. Join us behind the scenes as we highlight their expertise and dedication, showcasing their improved image at Kerry Consulting. 
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    Step behind the scenes of Haziqah’s unforgettable graduation day with White Room Studio! From proud smiles to heartwarming hugs, we’re capturing every precious moment of this milestone. 
Conveniently located in a heritage Peranakan Shophouse in downtown Singapore overlooking Fort Canning, White Room Studio’s boutique photo studio boasts panoramas of colonial windows and oodles of natural light. Book your session today and let us help you celebrate your milestones in the most memorable way!
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    Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of our studio, where this captivating blue painting, reminiscent of the serene ocean with its aquamarine hues, serves as a soulful centerpiece. It evokes serenity and reflection, inviting you to pause and appreciate the artistry that surrounds us.
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    A precious moment frozen in time at @whiteroomstudio – the undeniable bond between a baby and their furry friend. Their bond is a beautiful reminder of the simple joys in life.
“The photographer was very experienced in capturing moments with our kids and pet. She was very calm (despite the chaos of 2 kids and a retriever) and managed to capture many beautiful moments.”
An experience to remember from @sentha.silva
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    From volcanic eruptions to beachy detours—our 2024 retreat took a wild turn! 🌋 We swapped lava views at Manado for sandy shores in Bintan, and the laughs never stopped. Here’s to rolling with the punches and making memories that erupt with joy!
    Channeling their inner Dua Lipa,  our kids’ sweet kisses are all it takes to make our hearts dance. Moments like these are pure magic filled with love from our little ones.
Hear from their experience at White Room Studio,
“We’re very happy with our experience at White Room Studio. Everything, from the communication to the photo shoot to the final photos, was picture perfect!”
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    Graduation season is almost here, and we want to help you look your absolute best! After the heartwarming success of our Father’s Day promotion, we’re excited to bring you another special offer. Enjoy $100 off our graduation package when you participate! 
Here’s how to claim your discount:
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Get ready to capture those beautiful graduation moments with White Room Studio. Come on over and book your session today! Let’s make your graduation unforgettable!
Memorable quotes from Shania & Steffi “our mother is one step closer to retirement 😆.” & “to witness the pride and joy of my mother as her first child and the first grandchild to graduate”
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    Embracing the miracle of life together. At White Room Studio, we capture the love, anticipation, and joy of this special journey.
In her own words from Victoria Melchor:
“The most magical moment of my pregnancy, has definitely been the moment I felt my baby moving, it just made it so magical and real.”
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    A watercolor dream of our cherished studio, brought to life with every loving stroke of @lunabyemma ’s brush, transforms into a vibrant symphony of colors, surpassing even the magic of @whiteroomstudio . Tucked away on River Valley Road, this beloved historic gem has been freezing time and crafting precious memories for countless families and friends. Every corner whispers a story, and every photo captures a moment you’ll treasure forever. Come, be a part of our journey and let us help you create your own beautiful memories.
Hear from one of our photographers - Justin
“Capturing a family portrait is more than taking a mere photo, it’s capturing and freezing that moment in time forever. It’s about making a fleeting split second last for years to come. It’s about creating that special memories that will stay with you and your loved ones for a long time.”
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    White Room Studio’s style is one that embraces the moments of spontaneity. For so much of the history of photography, portraiture has been characterized by stiff, unnatural poses. Although for a long time, stagnant poses were the only technically possible way of capturing human subjects, technology has come a long way since then and we’ve embraced the shift towards more natural portraiture. We strive to capture the expressions of life that are real, natural, and reflective of you and your loved ones, and the photos we take create an impact because they carry with them an emotion that is open, fun, and real. At White Room Studio, we feel fortunate to witness and capture the intimacies and expressions of love.

    Minimal posing is encouraged and we use little if any props in our sessions. Rather, we seek to draw out the natural you and celebrate each person’s unique self so that you can look back on your photographs with fond memories in years to come. Featured in magazines island-wide, White Room Studio is situated in a Peranakan shophouse full of nostalgic character thus giving a wide range of warmth, natural lighting and atmosphere to explore. Whether they’re shooting in the studio or the great outdoors, our professional photographers make themselves part of the family during the session, capturing what is real and emotional. Their skills bring together a unique fine art quality to their portraiture work, giving you a photographic experience like no other.